Can I write a fanfiction ~cough~ or two? ~cough~ on you guuuuys? Your one of my ultimate super time favorite blogs. I LOVE YOUUUUU <3 Right. Keep up the sexiness man. And Left. KEEP BEING SO COMPLETELY ADORABLE I CAN'T EVEN GAAAAAH! ~Fangirl out~ PEACE!

Right-ler: Peace out. crazy hippy.
Left-ler: please feel free to write a fanfic if you want to! 

Right-ler: I’m in love with Left. There i said it. 

If were still talking about names for Left, I was thinking of Lloyd. Lloyd and Randall, or as Right would probably prefer Randall and Lloyd. What's your thoughts? :)

Right-ler: Lloyd. No too many L’s
Left-ler: …there is two L’s, Randall has two L’s too right.
Right-ler: WHY ARE YOU TRYING TO RENAME HIM ANYWAY! Left is his name he doesn’t need a new one.

Left, if you could choose a name, what would it be? Or would you still like to be called Left

Left-ler: I was thinking maybe Luke~
Right-ler: Luke over there! 
Left-ler: B(
Right-ler: It’s a homo :) 

Petition to name Left: Leonard!

Right-ler: LeaNERD! 
Left-ler: Nooo…

*poof* hello there, my question is simple...if you could be any pokemon (or have any one) what would it be?

Right-ler: Wow and here i thought you couldn’t get any gayer.

Hi! A friendly Kid!Anon here, I hope you guys don't mind me asking but do you two ever remember talking to a guy named Heinous Greed? O-or his twin? Because if you do, then I salute to you both! (I'm just a fan, and i'm here to say that you are both awesome! *thumbs up*)

Left-ler: I think…i remember him actually!
Right-ler: He’s the one that looked like he was made out of different pieces of drug addicts. 
Left-ler: …Right what.
Right-ler: He was a creepy ass some of a bitch.

If Rights name is Randall, then what name have Lefty?

Right-ler: His names Left. He wasn’t born, he doesn’t have a name.

I wasn't taking you YOU, Right. Unfortunately you HAVE to come B(

Right-ler: I only come for your viewing pleasure. 

Why are you getting sued again?

Right-ler: I don’t even know i don’t read the stupid sue form THING! Just let the lawyers deal with it.